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We take pride in a job well done! Feel free to take a gander at some of our amazing clients turned family!

The Team!


The Body NV - Luxury Activewear

"Connie your team is AMAZING! Just seeing everything that you guys build for my company is amazing. Thank you SO so much, I really appreciate you, and Erin and Stepfanie. I will definetely be recommending you to anyone that needs you, because everyone needs you. Just seeing everything organized like this, I'm excited!

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100k Campaign - Marketing & Branding

Special shout-out to Connie for helping me continue to flesh out my thoughts and get things out of my head and into a process that produces repeatable results.

Excited to continue building out the systems and plans for my business so that I can find more time to enjoy the moment.

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Zak & Robyn

Local Green Atlanta - Vegan Restuarant

Connie and her team were amazing to work with! Their knowledge of systems and processes helped to set the foundation for our business strategies. By working with Connie, we are better equipped to scale locally and nationally. It was a pleasure working with such kind and knowledgeable professionals who truly want small businesses to succeed.

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Girl + God - Faith Based Clothing Brand

Honestly I thought I would be like I want Connieeeeee the whole time lol but your team is so great I feel very comfortable and well taken care of. I don’t have a whole lot of answers to things they ask because I’m brand new to having my warehouse but they’ve helped me fill in the blanks!!

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Apryl Beverly, The Million-Dollar Word Stylist, Word Stylistz

Attending Connie’s Systems In a Day workshop has genuinely been one of my best business decisions! During her workshop, I learned valuable insight into how to streamline even more processes and tighten up my copywriting agency’s backend operations. 


With a growing team and thousands of clients, it’s easy to overlook the backend, and that’s why having a superstar like Connie is so essential. Since attending her workshop and chatting with her team during our one-on-one session, my team has made several improvements to increase operational efficiency and enhance how we onboard new team members. 


These subtle yet vital changes have saved my agency thousands of dollars, and most importantly, have improved how we support our clients. I recommend the Systems In a Day Workshop and Connie’s genius 10 times over! -

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Mike D.

Brand Photographer

Connie changed my life! She taught me the concept of building systems then encouraged me to set them up before I needed them. Once I was ready, she personally connected me to my ideal clients so that I was able to quit my job and earn six figures in my first year as a full time entrepreneur. With her foundational coaching, I was able to scale my business while gaining more free time than I’ve ever had before.

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Hair Salon Owner

I just wasn’t expecting the experience and professionalism that I have witness with working with Connie is second to none. And the communication is definitely refreshing. Just know that I won’t be working with anyone else outside of
Connie and her team….

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Writing Coach

Attending the workshop allowed me to see what was broken in my business, the gaps that existed, and improvements that needed to be made in my business and system processes. I also learned the importance of documentation for legacy, in case I ever wanted (or needed) to sell my company. I would highly recommend Systems in a Day. It will change your entire life and business

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CPA/ Tax Expert

Working with Connie's team was an amazing experience. As a new and quickly evolving business, they really helped me identify the processes I currently had in place and helped me understand where I needed to implement new systems as well as hire different team members

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Beauty Strategist

Working with Connie and her team literally changed the tragectory of my entire business. She really cares about her clients and making sure that they have a sustainable business. She spent countless hours in strategy sessions with me getting all of my operational systems in order. For that I am beyond appreciative for her!

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Food Truck Expert

Yo working with Connie was amazing ... she make you feel like family the first day you meet her, but it's the knowledge for me... she make systems sexy again

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Educational Consultant

 Connie has provided accurate and beneficial insight that has helped my business soar. Her passion for cultivating the greatness in others coupled with her knowledge and skill set provide a winning combination for anyone receiving her services.

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Project Management Expert

Working with Connie has truly transformed my business. Connie analyzed my processes and identified inefficiencies. She was the first to take the time to understand me and the challenges I was facing before making any attempt to “fix” me and my business. 

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Life Coach

Working with Connie and her team provided me with the foundational information I needed to see the flaws in my business structure. She helped me organize my thoughts, business goals and make them tangible and possible. She and her team were also real, transparent and tough with the reality checks. I.e. Without systems-processes, policy’s, and SOP’s you will never get your business to the level of your dreams financially, because you won’t be able to sustain it.

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DJ Forerunner

International DJ

Working in the entertainment field, there are a handful of names that you hear and immediately think of greatness.
The same goes for Connie S. Falls, and yes the “S” most definitely stands for systems.
#SystemsBae and her team have truly changed the trajectory of my business and mostly my outlook and mindset when it comes to progression.
She challenged me to have a successful business instead of a mediocre hobby.

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E. Coleman


I really needed help with putting steps to bring my vision to pass. Connie listened, we set goals, guides, and deadlines. Connie's business acumen and professional candor was the needle in the haystack that I needed. "I could not have done this without Connie's help. 

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Dana C.

Success Coach

Coaching with Connie was an eye-opener! I've worked in different systems for years in corporate but never understood the importance of it truly as an entrepreneur. Not only has Connie shifted my focus to working smarter, not harder, but she also helped me take my skills from the last 10+ years in corporate to consult small businesses!

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Motivational Speaker & Trainer

Connie "S" Falls is an apex professional with a commensurate compassion for her clients. She has an uncanny ability to listen to my ideas, call in other experts, and build systems that optimized my intellectual property. If I can sum it up in one phrase I would say, "Connie S Falls is the alchemist that turned my busyness into a business!"

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Virtual CFO

Working with Ms. Connie S. Falls allowed me to "cut the fat" in my business and finally focus on who I was meant to serve. Once I got focused, she gave me the systems that I needed to move beyond a 1 woman show and begin building my team. Connie took me from just being busy in my self made job, to now building a legacy for my family and empowering my clients to do the same!

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Brandon ShotMe

Photography Coach & Studio Owner

Connie helped me understand why systems and virtual assistants are important to entrepreneurs. She's been with me and supporting me since the beginning. Grateful for her.

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Systems Strategist

Connie S. Falls is an amazing thought leader in this space and is supported by an exceptional team! Her industry expertise coupled with her authentic heart to see you and your business thrive is unmatched. She always delivers. I'm SO grateful that she took the bold step to emerge from behind the scenes after YEARS of helping others systematize their business.

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Experience Creator

Working with Connie has totally changed the game on how I view my business! Everything has to have a system now. Because of you, burnout and moving with a scatter brain is a thing of the past!! 🙌🏾

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Lifestyle Brand Owner

I had the honor to attend Connie’s system course and I must say it was everything that my business needed. (SYSTEMS) Since attending, my business has been on automatic overdrive. Thank you Connie.

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Project Manager

Working with Connie will stretch you as an Entrepreneur definitely, but also as a person. She truly cares about getting the best result out of you for you. The genuine intention behind her helping people is why she's the best at what she does.

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NonProfit Owner

Working with Connie has been pivotal for my organization, and my individual growth. Her style is relaxed yet disciplined, growth mined while paced for true learning , and the perfect balance of motivation, organization and structural knowledge. Working with Connie and the implantation of her systemization mindset is the best investment you can make in your business.

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Daniel T. 

Executive Director

Connie has been a GAME CHANGER for me.  I went to her for consulting on an idea that I had, which she magnified and opened my mind to so many different avenues around that idea that I never thought of.  The amount of growth in myself and the relationships that I've gained from our session has literally changed my life forever

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Precious R.

Hair Brand

Connie's energy and teaching style is phenomenal. Before taking Connie's training on BackEnd Success, my systems for my operations were not solid The way Connie broke down her process, I caught my life. I am very grateful my paths have crossed with Connie. If you are on the fence about working with Connie, don't be. She is the real deal and tells you the truth about where your biz is and its systems

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Real Estate & Credit Expert

I would like to thank Connie and her awesome team for helping me get my life together. Before I met Connie I had no structure in my business. Connie and her team was able to pick my brain and systematically structure what I knew so that it is easily repeatable for onboarding, daily task, polices, procedures, training and off-boarding. Thank you #Systemsbae

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Business Buyer

Connie challenged me to think about the intricate details of my business. I’m pleased to say, it was the best thing I did for my business in quite some time.
I highly recommend anyone who’s is doing everything in their business to holla at Connie. I was reminded of how much I don’t like building systems BUT how important systems are to building and especially scaling businesses.

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